my response BunzeysRobby and I first met at an event with our sorority and fraternity at UNC-Charlotte.  Never in a million years did we imagine that the friendship that started then would lead us back into each other’s lives 5 years later leading to an engagement, marriage, and beginning of a family.

We married October of 2009 and had our first child May of 2011.Tragedy struck in January of 2013 when our second pregnancy was diagnosed as ectopic and had ruptured, almost taking my life.

Robby and I were successful in our careers at this point, but after the heartache of our lost child settled we knew that I was ready for a change!  I was a Physical Therapist Assistant working in home healthcare.  My son was in daycare full time and I knew at this point in my life I was ready to bring my baby home and be with him full time.

boys-83June of 2013 I launched my It Works! business with the first goal on my Dream Board to be a Stay At Home Mom!  Robby and I discussed what I had needed to do to in order for me to reach my goal!  I needed to make enough money to supplement my current income and so my journey to Double Diamond began.  I started using my social media access and hosting wrap parties to reach out to people that had never heard of It Works!  I was building my business while working full time.  It was going to take hard work to accomplish this goal!  There were definitely times that I wanted to quit, but I had to keep my dream board as my focus and know that giving up would not allow me to succeed!  That September God blessed us with allowing me to become pregnant again.  Once we had confirmation of a healthy pregnancy with a due date of June 2014, I continued to work full time as a PTA along with being pregnant and pushing towards my goal as becoming an It Works Double Diamond! April 2014, I hit Diamond earning the $10,000 GOOD Bonus and May 2014 Double Diamond earning the $15,000 GOOD Bonus!  On June 6, 2014 our second miracle from God was brought into this world! As soon I was able I sat down at my computer and typed my letter of resignation to my current J-O-B!  Finally I was able to be home with my babies all while having a successful career doing what I love!

We are now a blessed and happy family of 4 and I am a full time stay at home mom of two healthy boys!

buy ssri dapoxetine OUR CORE VALUES

Though there are struggles in life that we have had to overcome, we have stayed true in our faith to God and trusted that he would see us through.

“Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible” Luke 1:37

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